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10 Dangerous Messages Your Nails Are Telling You

It is important to understand the subtle messages that your body gives you to make corrections in your health and lifestyle. Very often, the condition of our nails depicts what diseases we may be suffering from and it’s very crucial that we pay attention to that.  Only then will we be able to take the correct steps to a better health. Here are some subtle changes in nails to keep an eye out for –

1. Splinter Hemorrhages

These are red or brown lines on the nails that are suggestive of psoriasis, lupus or even heart disease.


2. Beau’s lines (Grooves)

These horizontal lines indicate that the nail has suffered some trauma or injury. It is also suggestive of a current ongoing infection like mumps or measles.

3. Yellow discoloration

It be subtly saying that you are suffering from a liver disease or jaundice. Also, a lung dysfunction is possible which means waste metabolites aren’t being washed out of your system effectively.

4. Clubbing

This appearance of nails screams out lung disease or rarely, asbestosis.

5. Spooning of nails

Nails that curve inwards or that can hold a drop of water are suggestive of iron deficiency, or a liver disease called hemochromatosis.

6. Dark lines

Black or dark colored lines over the nails are suggestive of melanoma or skin cancer.

7. Brittle nails

Indicate high exposure to chemicals contained in detergents or nail polishes. They could also be caused as a result of a fungal infection or a thyroid condition.

8. Pitted nails

Nails that have tiny indentations may tell you about serious cases of arthritis, psoriasis or alopecia.

9. Thickened nails

Nails may become unusually thick due to an underlying fungal infection of the nails or the surrounding skin.

10. White lines

Or called as Muehrcke’s Lines, indicate low protein levels in the body along with some liver or a kidney disease.

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