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50 Surprising, Unique Things You Can Do With Vaseline In 5 Minutes! (VIDEO)

The following are the 50 ways in which Vaseline can be used:

    1. In order to get your eye lashes thicker, darker and longer then apply the Vaseline on the eye lashes before going to sleep at night.
    2. If anyone want to have the clean and soft heels then message the Vaseline on the feet before going to bed at night.
    3. In order too keep the body moisture during the flight then apply it all over the body.
    4. In order to get the whole body tanned then apply the Vaseline first because it can give an even tone after tanning.
    5. In order to remove the false eye lashes, it is recommended to use the Vaseline on the eye lashes. It would not give a feeling of pain while removing.
  1. Apply the little Vaseline over the lips then leave the Vaseline for 5 minutes. After that brush the Vaseline with a clean tooth brush. It will give a smooth lips.
  2. Adding a small portion of Vaseline in a beauty lotion. It will give the face moisturized.
  3. If a Vaseline is added in the eye shades then it will give the darker colors of the eye shades.
  4. In order to add the shine in the nails. Apply the small amount of Vaseline onto the nails and rub gently.
  5. If a small portion of Vaseline is added on the top of the nail polish bottle then it would not get dry.


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