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A 5 Year Old Girl Pulled Off Something That Even Paramedics Couldn’t Do

Quite often you find stories of parents sacrificing something or pulling something incredible off for their children. There are rare chances that you find the opposite. One of those rare stories is of this 5 year old girl named Lexi.

Let’s have a look at what she did to be the hero of her family and amaze the world.


Angela Shymanksi was driving home after a long day with her infant son Peter and her 5-year old daughter Lexi when something awful happened.


Exhausted from caring for two children and working full-time, Angela accidentally fell asleep behind the wheel.


Angela’s car went careening off a cliff, knocking her son unconscious and leaving her out cold with a broken back.


Young Lexi got out of her car seat and scaled the cliff face to get help for her injured family members. Paramedics couldn’t believe what she was able to do. Even they couldn’t climb down the cliff without assistance… and the 5-year-old managed to do it barefoot.


With her brave effort, Lexi was able to save her family. Had it not be for her, she might have lost her mother and brother.

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