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62-year old South African women gets married to 9-year old boy for the SECOND time.

A 9-year old boy from South Africa recently renewed his vows to a woman that is 53 years older than him.

Sanele Masilela and Helen Shabangu of the city of Tshwane, South Africa got married in 2013 claiming that it was a request of the spirits of their dead ancestors. The vows needed to be renewed due to a local tradition which states that the vows have to be repeated at the bride’s home in order for the marriage to be valid and official.

Even though they are married, the mother of the boy, Patience, has told the media that the marriage is only symbolic. The couple does not live together or engage in any sexual activities.

She stated in an interview, “I know it’s what the ancestors wanted. If we hadn’t done what my son had asked, then something bad would have happened in the family”

The 9-year old boy stated, “I’m happy that I married Helen, but I will go to school and study hard. When I’m older, I will marry a lady my own age.”






BUSHBUCKRIDGE, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 14: (SOUTH AFRICA OUT) Sanele Masilela, a nine year-old with his wife Helen Shabangu, 62 year-old on July 14, 2014 in Bushbuckridge, South Africa. Sanele who married Helen last year in a bid to appease his ancestors, repeated the ceremony this year. The wedding was arranged after Sanele was tormented by his late grandfather, Busy Masilela and other ancestral spirits. Sanele's mother explained to guests that Busy had never been married and he wanted his grandson to do so to appease the spirits. (Photo by Simphiwe Nkwali/Sunday Times/Gallo Images/Getty Images)




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