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7 Mistakes We’re Tired of Men Making When Dating

#7. Money and Good Looks 


Men need to stop thinking that good looks and money are all that a woman wants. I mean sure, there ARE girls that do want that. And if that’s the kind of girl you’re after, then go for it. But first, ask yourself, is that really the kind of person you want to be with? In general though, communication and body language will take you a long way. Not what’s in your wallet.

#6. You remind me of her 


If you have ever said that to a woman, you shouldn’t be wondering why you’re single. If you’re on a date, don’t tell the woman that you remind her of somebody in your past. It makes her feel like she’s not unique and only shows that you’re not over your ex.

#5. Put your phone away 


I know, I know. Your phone is an integral part of you and you can’t be without it for two seconds. When a text message, you just have to reply to it immediately. We understand your pain but please refrain from using your phone when you’re on a date, especially if it’s your first date with a girl.

Not only will she see a future of you not paying attention, she won’t even give you the chance to have that future with her in the first place.

#4. Past Boyfriends 


I know you think that people getting to know each other should know about each other’s past a bit but please, for the love of God and everything that is holy, please DON’T ask her how many people she’s been with in the past. What if she says “none”? You’ll be left wondering if she’s lying or if she’s just plain weird. It’s good to know these things but it should all be in good time. Asking questions like these immediately will make her think you’re not “boyfriend material.” Other than that, if you ask her that, she will probably ask you the same question, are you ready for something like that?

#3. Mr Nice Guy 


Don’t try to be too much of a nice guy. It will make you look like a fraud and it will seem like you’re putting up an act, which you probably are. You’re either a jerk or not confident enough to show her who you really are. Whatever the case is, it’s not attractive. So STOP IT!

#2. Don’t ask how the date is going


I can guarantee you that if you go on a date with a girl and ask her how it’s going, you won’t get another one with her. It’s simply a weird thing to ask. She wants to experience your company, she doesn’t want to spell it out for you. She might still decide to hang out with you but you will probably forever be restricted to the friend zone.

#1. Don’t look too far into the future 


Women are stereotyped to be guilty doing this but let’s be honest, guys do it just as much if not more. You’re on a first or second date, you have the rest of the evening. Stop thinking about the rest of your life. If it’s meant to be, it will be!

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