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7 Photos Of WWE Superstars The Company Never Wanted Their Fans To See

WWE is the leading Professional Wrestling organization and employs a huge number of world class athletes. These WWE superstars have a strong fan following and they are very keen to keep an eye on their favorite superstars in and out of ring.

We have collected 7 such photos of WWE superstars that did not bring any good name to company and they sure didn’t want the fans to see them.

1. Former WWE Champ CM Punk hits the bar

CM Punk is currently an MMA fighter and about to make his UFC debut. He was one of the top dogs in WWE for a long time and this picture was of that era… This for sure didn’t bring any good name to the company.

2. Celtic Warrior in a strange war
The Irish warrior has a vast arsenal of heavy hitting moves but this is not what we know of. Let’s just hope this picture comes under the drunk ones.

3. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella
With a bunch of other divas and superstars, the lovable couple of Bryan and Brie is found with others and not with each other here.

4. Ric Flair Tha God
The only 2 time WWE Hall of Famer is done in his own flare. The red face on him matches his high intensity personality well.

5. Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly get cozy
Y2J Chris Jericho is involved in a lot of shows along with WWE but getting close to ones who left the company can be tricky.

6. Charlotte, Strowman, and Rawley get rowdy
The WWE women champ, the hype man and the monster of monster family are not in their true colors here.

7. The Hardy Boys
Although they are not in WWE anymore but Jeff and Matt, They Hardy Boys have earned an off-the-mat reputation by this photo.

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