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7 Trust Issues that Every Couple should know about

Most people think relationships are about happiness. I disagree.

I think they are about keeping promises, keeping your spark alive, commitment and several other things. Trust issues are extremely dangerous and can spoil a healthy relationship. They grow on you and make you worry about everything. They make you suspicious of your partner and their intentions.

However, they can be hilarious and heart-breaking at the same time.

1.  What does she want? 


Is she looking for some benefits? Well, I don’t think you really mind.

2. My name 


Do you know what kind of girl forgets your name when introducing you to her parents? The kind of girl that adores you very much.

3. I won’t murder you 


The guy is promising not to take advantage of her, her response is priceless.

4. What the hell? 


Planning to go to the beach on a hot summer day is surely a mistake.

5. Maybe it’s not meant to be 


This makes me sadder than you can imagine. They can never be together even though they love each other very much.

6. Hopes 


Amazing imaginations are something that make a couple look happy and rad.

7. Trusting your partner to the maximum


He chose the perfect partner, no? We’re not saying that looks are everything that matter but they do matter a bit in most scenarios. Sad that they are mistaken for trust often.

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