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If You Are Breastfeeding In Public, Then This Cafe Has Something For You.

Becoming a new mother is a wonderful as well as stressful for any woman. Often, trying to take care of your new baby and get everything else done can be overwhelming. It’s especially difficult for breastfeeding mothers.

Finding a place where they can nurse free of judgement is increasingly hard to do… and that’s why what this coffee shop did has everyone talking.

This sign about breastfeeding mothers in this coffee shop window has been causing quite a stir in Sydney, Australia. 

Willows coffee shop invites breastfeeding mothers inside to enjoy a free cup of tea while their babies nurse.


It can be difficult for new mothers to find a safe and comfortable place to feed their babies on the go. Willows is offering a great respite. Here’s hoping other cafes follow suit!


It’s great to see a public establishment acknowledge and support women like this. Way to go!

Share this cafe’s awesome gesture to new moms below!

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