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Dic Pic Texting fail !!!

  #6 This Is Trevor.. Trevor starts off his text all normal and then BAM. . . THAT! Is he flashing? Yes..   #5 Who Is This Guy? So you just meet this guy and he starts sending you creepy texts. Block! . . He is a virtual flasher!   #4 Can’t ‘Block’ …

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Baby Stabbed 90 times with Scissors by Mother

Xiao Bao was found lying in a pool of blood after his mother attacked him with scissors. He needed more than 100 stitches.  The baby has 90 wounds, mostly to his face. The mother attacked him with scissors and stabbed him 90 times because he bit her while she was …

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Kidnapped baby Exchanged for a Ransom of 15 Big-Macs

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that you love Mcdonald’s. I mean, I don’t think I’ve met a single person who dislikes Mcdonald’s. Loving it is one thing, kidnapping a child so you can pay for it is quite another. A man kidnapped a 3-month old baby and asked …

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