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Dic Pic Texting fail !!!


#6 This Is Trevor..


Trevor starts off his text all normal and then BAM. . . THAT! Is he flashing? Yes..


#5 Who Is This Guy?


So you just meet this guy and he starts sending you creepy texts. Block! . . He is a virtual flasher!


#4 Can’t ‘Block’ Text


Omg. . . So then she say’s “Nice try though”? Go figure. She’ll be hearing from Trevor again.


#3 His Mom?


As we come, this is getting more confounded? She says, “Trevor, might I send mother?” What? . . . Who’s mother? Their mother?


#2 Proud Of His Dick?


We wonder if all flashers are proud of their dicks? Is that why they “flash”? Actually studies show flashers achieve sexual pleasure out of shocking people and getting an emotional response, and flashing does the job efficiently.


#1 A Perscpective


Okay so apparently these two have a Facebook connection, and so does Trevor’s mom. How old is this guy? He needs help!

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