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Easy Homemade Trick To Make Your Legs Shiny

There are many beauty merchandise to be had inside the marketplace which may be used to make your legs shiny, smooth and smooth. however they carries some of the chemical substances that may damage the skin as properly. the selfmade and natural merchandise are always an amazing alternative in this example. the following is the components and the manner of making your legs bright smooth and silky:



  • Sharp Razor
  • Half cup of any of the oil.
  • Take 1/4th cup of sugar
  • And 3 tablespoon of citrus juice




Mix well all the ingredients in a clean jar and shake them well so that they can look like a thick sticky paste. Place your foot in a tub having a Luke warm water. Apply the paste on the legs and leave them for sometimes. Scrub the legs and shave them. Repeat the same process twice and shave them. At the end take the whole shower and wash the legs. After the shower apply any moisturizer on the legs and see the difference.

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