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He’s amazing in bed if he asks you these 5 questions


Being good is (obviously) one of the basic and most needed requirements in order to have a good relationship. Most guys don’t know this but they are generally bad in bed and girls only find this out after she’s already “done the deed” with her man.

You can’t tell how good a man is in bed by looking at his physique but there is something that can help you determine whether or not he can prove to be a good lover or not.

If your man asks you these 5 questions, it indicates he’s extremely good in bed.

#1. What physical experiences do you enjoy the most? And what did you like about those experiences?

When he asks this question, he is actually referring to lovemaking and which position do you enjoy the most.

If he is bold enough to ask you this question, it shows that he is confident.

2. What is your idea of the perfect intimate night? 

He will rarely ask you this directly but when he does, try to think about how you want it to be performed that night.

This question proves that he has actual stamina to really make you enjoy that night.

#3. What Do You Like Most About Our Relationship?

With this question, he is actually indirectly asking you about his stamina in bed. If he is confident enough to ask you this question, it means he is pretty good at playing in bed.

#4. Would you like to do anything to me? Or is there something you love to do more together?

He wants you to reply positively to this question. By this question, he is indirectly asking, “Would you like to go to bed with me?”

He will only ask this question if he is confident about his performance.

#5. Is there anything new that you would like to try? 

A man will never mention anything he is incapable of doing because he doesn’t want his ego to be hurt. If he asks you this question, then congratulations! Your partner has amazing stamina in bed. Don’t hesitate to ask him for something new.

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