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Kidnapped baby Exchanged for a Ransom of 15 Big-Macs

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that you love Mcdonald’s. I mean, I don’t think I’ve met a single person who dislikes Mcdonald’s. Loving it is one thing, kidnapping a child so you can pay for it is quite another. A man kidnapped a 3-month old baby and asked to exchange him for 15 big-macs. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? uvb2ia48glaqx1ix4qki

The kidnapper was 45-year old Henry Osterman. At the moment, it is unclear how he came to be in possession of the baby.


Employees at Mcdonald’s told the media that he came into Mcdonald’s at 2.30 pm with a baby wrapped in a blanket.


He went ahead and ordered 15 Big-Macs and then handed the baby to the cashier as payment. The head cashier, Chandra Wilkins, looked to him and said “Whatchu think I’m gonna do with that?”


He did something crazy after that. He said that he didn’t have the money to pay for the Big-Macs but that she could have the baby instead of the money.  Chandra replied “Fool, you need to back the f*ck up.” After that, Henry threw the baby at her, ran behind the register and began grabbing every burger on the food warmer. “That white man was crazy,” she explained.


That’s when other employees stepped in. Todd Williams knocked him down, as he explains “I grabbed the broom and swung it real hard at his neck. He fell and hit his head on the floor, it knocked him clean out. My aim’s on fleek.”


Police found another 6-month old child in Henry’s 1972 cargo van. Along with 20 bottles of Benadryl, rope and duct tape. Henry was taken into custody and charged with theft, assault, child endangerment and kidnapping.



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