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Men Want To Date The Woman Who Hid Poop In Her Purse…

Makela put in a considerable measure of time and diligent work to make herself the hot young lady that she generally needed to be, yet after she turned out to be a piece of an appallingly diverting knowledge that she really wanted to share on Twitter, she transformed into a web legend – however not as the hot young lady, but rather as the crap young lady!

Captivated? Well then, look down and observe her story!


Not someone to shy away.


Makela is, as she says herself, a confident woman. And also bold – she does not shy away from sharing saucy images of herself on her social account.


Her story:


But recently, when she went on a date, she found herself in a very difficult position when she went home with a guy and used his toilet.


Here’s what happened…


She went home with a guy after a date. Being a confident woman, she frankly went ahead to use his toilet to take a dump. That’s when things took a wrong turn.


Flush not working!


She tried to flush the toilet, but the flush wasn’t working. She tried it several times, but it just wouldn’t flush. Finally, out of choices, she grabbed some toilet paper and fished her piece of poop from the toilet.


Wrapping it up!


Wrapping it up in toilet paper, and encasing it in several layers of it, she put it in her purse and exited the toilet.


Finally getting rid of it.


While she made out with her guy, the only thing she could think of was the poop in her purse. She could not think of how to get rid of it. After some time, the guy went into the toilet, and she heard him flush it (maybe he fixed it?). This was her chance, and so, she went into the toilet next and flushed the piece of poop away!


And that’s how this ‘legend’ was born!


She is now known as the poop girl! And quite surprisingly, ever since she shared her story, she has been getting a lot more attention, especially from men! It looks like men really want to date the girl who hid poop in her purse!

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