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Navy Seal Shocked When The Internet Showed Him His Girlfriend’s Past

The Internet is an vast network, thus its clients have a huge pool of data to pique their interests. At whatever point you post something on the internet, a large number of people are going to watch it, and some will remember. So, choose wisely, else like this unfortunate Navy seal you might open a closet full of skeletons .

Take a look yourself…

He tries to brag about his girlfriend on 4chan



Unfortunately, the infamous image board had other ideas


Let’s say his girlfriend had been busy while he was away…


with other MEN and the image board users just kept on piling evidence to turn this into a nightmare situation


And then comes GDP(Girls Do Porn)


A popular amateur porn website was his girlfriend’s workplace


Then the LOL’s started rolling out…


Along with screen-shots


Look…she’s wearing the same outfit


The evidence now was solid as a rock


You’ve gotta feel for the guy


And he made matters worse after threatening the commentators on the internet


…And out comes another screenshot


As expected a breakup did happen


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