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Trying Beyoncé’s Activewear Line On Different Body Types. See The Results!

Ivy Park has officially arrived.

We Tried Beyoncé’s Activewear Line On Different Body Types


Following the time when we heard Beyoncé’s was dropping an athleisure gathering called Ivy Park, we’ve been dyin’ to get our hands on some Bey-affirmed merchandise.


So three of us — Chrissy, Lara, and Sheridan — took off to the Nordstrom in Glendale, California, on opening morning to attempt a few pieces IRL… however shit got crazy quick.

For one thing, Lara was first in line at the store, yet a lady took it upon herself to race directly past her once the entryways opened.


When we were in, we made outfits every one of the three of us could wear, yet initial a little disclaimer:

  •  Some sizes were at that point sold out because of mass grabbers.*
  •  The choice wound up being entirely little, since this was a Topshop inside a Nordstrom.
  •  We would purchase anything we really enjoyed.

Furthermore, here are our run of the mill sizes, for reference:


1. Mesh bomber ($82), sports bra ($50), low-rise leggings ($62):


Lara: The lattice coat felt harsh, however much excessively decent, making it impossible to ever sweat in. I could never set out drop sweat in that coat.

Chrissy: First off, let it realized that in the event that somebody really constrained me to go the exercise center without a shirt on, I’d likely quite recently remain on a curved in a corner and cry until it was over. Additionally, listening to the words “low-ascent capris” regularly makes me need to vom, however these really looked entirely damn great on everybody.

Sheridan: Definitely my most loved outfit. I wound up purchasing this coat since I felt that fly in it. Despite the fact that my base half appears as though I’m going to go to a cycling tradition, I cherish, love, love the shade of these yoga pants. Make them longer, Bey!

2. Mesh tank ($52) and high-rise leggings ($65):


Lara: I didn’t think I might want this pullover looking tank, since it helped me to remember the unwashed shirts I wore in secondary school when I played b-ball, yet when I put it on I was super upbeat. Like, I looked wonderful? They are outright dark jeans, yet for reasons unknown they felt DIFFERENT. More vital. They were decent. I adore them. We cherish each other.

Chrissy: I am SO here for Bey keeping the wellbeing goth development alive, and in the event that you’ve ever pondered what it might feel want to vacuum-seal your whole body, simply take these tight-ass stockings for a twist.

Sheridan: The main thing I gained from secondary school is that shirts loathe boobs with an energy, and this one was the same. It would appear that my armpits just flatulated. The stockings, in any case, were A+. Those terrible young men resembled truly hip Spanx that you don’t need to stow away.

FYI, this is the thing that the tank looks like very close:


3. Mesh parka ($122), tank ($25), and sweatpants ($52):


Lara: I wish this outfit hadn’t been sold out, in light of the fact that I truly cherish the parka look.

Chrissy: The coats appear to run somewhat extensive in the Ivy Park line, which regards know in case you’re purchasing on the web, yet *whispers* don’t purchase this parka. I know, I know, it looks fucking cool in the crusade pics, yet this thing will scrape your bb skin until it’s crude.

Sheridan: Man, I needed this coat to work out so seriously, it’s certainly my style. However, the composition of the coat. Gee, the most ideal approach to portray it resemble that scene in The Mummy where the creepy crawlies slither under your skin and decimate you.

4. Bodysuit ($50) and sweatpants ($52):


Lara: The bodysuit looked cooler than it really was on. I can’t envision really working out in this, in light of the fact that, no, yet I loved wearing it on the grounds that Beyoncé wears it in the promotion. The workout pants were super delicate and agreeable, and I would wear them on the off chance that it weren’t generally warm in California.

Chrissy: The groin circumstance on this terrible kid was NOT beautiful. The ascent was wayyyy too high on the sides, and it really made my vag shout.

Sheridan: Alas, they didn’t have my size. I even attempted to crush into a substantial, however this bodysuit was not prepared for my jam. It’s most likely something worth being thankful for, since individuals were creeping around the store, prepared to damage and wreck for one.

Bottom line:


Lara: This accumulation is amazing, and I really purchased a portion of the stuff after out of the blue cherishing how it felt on my body. In addition, Beyoncé made it, so there’s that.

Chrissy: I didn’t purchase anything, however I think this apparel really roused me to begin working out additional, which is a supernatural occurrence considering my primary leisure activity is discovering approaches to abstain from sweating.

Sheridan: Did I abhor it? No. (The main thing I despise are individuals who expect I need nectar mustard with my chicken fingers.) actually, a considerable measure of the things were truly cool. I will say the composition and fabric decisions were once in a while extremely… befuddling, however I wound up purchasing three things, thus, all things considered, I can get down with this line.

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