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Victoria Beckham’s recent photoshoot for Vogue shows something astonishing!

Wife of famous footballer and mother of four, Victoria Beckham, has recently been caught in the claws of a Photoshop fail. Her recent photoshoot for Vogue China is going viral but not for the reasons you’d expect. People are raving about her grace and beauty but they are also looking at the photoshop mistake that her photo editor made, ruining the entire photoshoot. He put her thigh in the wrong position.

Victoria was unaware of the photoshop fail at the time and happily posted the picture to social media. Once it was on the internet, her fans immediately caught the mistake, the photos became viral and Victoria Beckham suddenly became the talk of the town. Ah, internet. Don’t you just love it?

You can scroll down to see her pictures.

Vogue China, a world famous fashion magazine was the last company you’d expect to make such a photoshop fail. 


Did you notice the fail? No? Well, we’ll point it out for you. 

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People considered it to be a careless editing mistake.


Others found the pictures stunning. 


She shared the photos with her fans, completely unaware of the editing mistake. 


Fans praised how the photos brought out her personality. 


But fans who caught the mistake found the pictures to be absolutely hilarious. 


Her true fans found the pictures to be gorgeous. 


Other fans ignored the mistake and praised her beauty. 


She has established her own fashion empire. 


She showed a wilder, more seductive side. 


Photoshop fail or no, nobody can deny that Victoria Beckham is absolutely gorgeous.



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