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This Is The Way To Shave Your Pubic Areas



Women and men shave their public hair in order to look good. It is also commonly accepted by the teenagers. Here are some ways you can use to properly shave your pubic hairs:

Pre-trim them

Use razors in order to shave genuinely short hair. Pull the hair up from the body and then cut it back with little scissors. If you aim for hair shorter than 1/4” (0.6 cm).

Grab your razor

The razor should be sharp with three or more blades in order to be easier and safer for your skin.

You should have one only for your pubic hair and clean it after use.

Stretch your skin tight

You should extend your skin tight with your free hand and hold it firlmy because razors do their job well on flat surfaces.

-Make sure to start beneath your navel, pulling the skin simply over your foamed up hairline upwards.

Shave slowly and gently

You should know two things: shaving with the grain will avert irritation and ingrown hairs, on the other hand shaving contrary the grain will result in a closer shave.

-To get a closer shave, try working over the grain of the hair; shave to the left or right if the hair is growing downwards.

-Skip a few days between shaving your pubic hair, because shaving 2 days in a row may cause red bumps and tingling.

Clean up your mess

Make sure to clean up the mess after the process of shaving.

Exfoliate to keep your skin clean

After you are done with shaving, take a normal body soap and gently cleanse your public area in order to remove all the dead skin. This will help you remove anything that block your pores.

-Here is a tip from the pros: to have your skin smooth, you should use a sugar scrub. If you don’t have near you, you can whip up baking soda paste.

-Women should not get soap beyond their labia. Vagina is normally controled by your body and does not need to be washed down with anything other than water. S

Rinse off any remaining pubic hair, gently pat dry, and moisturize

Use oils like Aloe Vera or baby oil for sensitive areas. On the other hand, do not use moisturizers that may contain fragrances and coloring agents.

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