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World’s Best Hotel Lobbies

#1. The Me Dubai Hotel will open in 2016, and at the center will be this massive, impressive lobby.1

#2. Over at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the lobby is basically a gigantic, colorful atrium.
Burj Al Arab2

#3. The Vault Karaköy, in Istanbul, Turkey used to be a bank, but was recently restored by architect Han Tümertekin. In addition to the fireplaces, the entire lobby is filled with work from artists all over the world.3

Vault Karaköy

#4. The Raffles Hotel in Singapore is 125 years old, and still as gorgeous as ever.4

Raffles Hotel Singapore

#5. The Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, California has a lobby that is 42,000 square feet and 17 stories high, making it the largest hotel lobby in the world.5

#6. The Hotel Veranda High Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand has an open-air lobby, which allows guests to get breathtaking views before they even check in.6


#7. The iconic Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo, Japan has a lobby that’s actually on the hotel’s top two floors, offering incredible views of Tokyo.7

Tokyo Travel Guide

#8. Shangri-La Shard in London also has a lobby on the top floors, providing new guests with breathtaking views of the city.8

Shangri-La Shard

#9. The Four Seasons George V in Paris is one of the most luxurious lobbies in the world, particularly due to the massive floral displays that are replaced constantly. In fact, the hotel spends about one million euros per year on flowers alone.9

Four Seasons

#10. The Grand Chola Hotel in Chennai, India is spartan, but there is always a line of staff waiting to receive guests on the massive marble stairs.10

#11. The Hyatt Regency in Cleveland, Ohio occupies an arcade built in 1890, built after the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. It features iron and glass vaulted ceilings, allowing sunlight to pour in throughout the day.11

Hyatt Hotels Corporation

#12. The Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, BC has a Faziolio grand piano in the lobby, one that took 1,000 hours to make and cost almost $250,000.12

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

#13. The Me London Hotel in London, UK has a reception area that features graphic projections on the wall, which change nightly from jellyfish to stars, to expanding grids and more.13

Norman Foster

#14. Guests at The Royal Livingstone in Zambia are taken by water taxi to the hotel’s lobby, where they’re treated to hand massages and fresh fruit while they’re checking in.14

Audley Travel

#15. Hotel Icon in Hong Kong, China features Asia’s largest indoor vertical garden. The garden is 18 meters high and covers about 230 square meters of space, all of which consists of native plants to the area.15

#16. Barceló La Bobadilla, in Granada, Spain looks like a bright and airy palace, perfect for welcoming guests on Granada’s signature sunny days.16

Barceló La Bobadilla

#17. Mukul Resort & Spa Rivas, in Rivas, Nicaragua has a lobby that’s topped with a woven palapa, made even more impressive by a masterful chandelier made with 152 baskets created by local artisans.17

Mukul Resort & Spa Rivas

#18. The Ice Hotel in Quebec City, Canada has a lobby that lives up to its name: It’s made of blocks of sculpted ice. Only open from January to March, the hotel also features a frozen wedding chapel and an ice bar.18

Ice Hotel

#19. The Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, in Spain actually has a motorized catwalk that brings you in to the atrium, giving guests a truly unique and modern experience.19

Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

#20. Phulay Bay in Krabi, Thailand has an incredibly romantic lobby, as its filled with thousands of flickering candles at all times.20

#21. Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida boasts a 17,000 square foot marble lobby to give guests the impression that they’re always making a dramatic entrance.21

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

#22. The Liberty Hotel in Boston has a lobby that’s connected to an iconic watering hole: The Alibi. The bar used to be the drunk tank at the 1851 Charles Street Jail, and features many celebrity mugshots on the walls.22

Michael Weschler

#23. The Cumberland in London has a lobby that’s basically an art gallery: Instead of there being art on the walls, there’s art virtually everywhere.23

Guoman Hotels

#24. Pullman Hotel in Sao Paulo has a lobby that’s connected to many other amenities, including a bar, restaurants, and lounge. There aren’t any doors, either: Instead, the hotel uses curtains to set the areas apart.24

Pullman Hotels

#25. Thompson Chicago in Chicago, Illinois has a more industrial setting, but still manages to feel warm and inviting for new guests.25

#26. Hotel Hotel in Canberra, Australia has amazing views of the local lakeside and mountains, and was also built with sustainability in mind.26

March Studio

#27. Okko Hotel, in Nantes, France foregoes the traditional hotel qualities and goes without a reception desk, breakfast room, or lounge. Instead, everything happens in one room, a massive, modern lobby.27

Jerome Galland

#28. Les Haras in Strasbourg, France used to be an equestrian academy and stud farm. Now, it’s a modern hotel with impressive decor and plenty of interesting history.28

Patrick Jouin

#29. The Praktik Bakery in Barcelona is actually the lobby of the hotel of the same name. Designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán incorporated the bakery intentionally into the theme.29

Hotel Praktik

#30. The Sofitel in downtown Dubai is connected to the Dubai Mall with a glass bridge. The entire exterior of the lobby is also a blue mirror of its surroundings.30

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