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X-Ray Of This Child SHOCKS Doctors When He Complains Of AGONIZING Stomach Pain

Like many other cases where doctors make mistakes, this is the one where a three-year-old  boy had an excruciating stomach pain for moths. When his parents took him to the doctor, he was only prescribed with some painkillers in order to help him ease the pain. After some period of time, he was not getting better, so his parents took him to the local hospital for treatment. The doctors there recommended an x-ray, and once the results came out, it became clear what was causing the boy’s agony. Even the doctors were shocked.


After the boy went through a harsh stomach pain for months, and after the parents realized that the previous doctor made a mistake by just giving him painkillers, the boy was taken to Metro Hospital in Faridabad, India.  There, the doctors performed an x-ray on the little boy’s stomach and what came out, was shocking both to the doctors as to the parents. The agonizing pain the boy went through, was due to a metal clump of objects that were stuck in his stomach.

Dr. Brahn Datt Pathak, the head of the Laproscopic surgery, rushed the little boy into surgery right away. There were more shocking news for the doctor. He have found a battery, 29 magnets and a coin in his gut. The boy itself had swallowed these objects.

According to Dr. Pathak, it was extremely unusual that there were 29 magnets in total. This means that swallowing magnets has become boy’s habit, and he probably swallowed them for more than a year.

The magnets were causing harsh stomach pain and damaged his insides because they had stuck together and formed a large magnetic ball. This was one of the most complicated cases to Dr. Pathak. The poor boy had his gut totally damaged as a result of the amount of magnets in his stomach. All the objects had to be removed thoroughly, so the surgery lasted for 3 exhausting hours. Due to the family business for making jewelry boxes, the boy was able to find this objects and to ingest them.

Pathak says that the boy has been in an extreme pain for a long time and it is really distressing that his condition had not been noticed sooner. However, everything went smoothly, the boy was discharged after a few days. He was at home resting, and their parents kept away the box making materials. Parents should take the appropriate precautions to ensure their children are safe

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